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Miasha Coleman


By Nigeria Anderson

Secret Society 2: Never Enough

A west Philadelphia native, Miasha Coleman began writing at the early age of nine.  Her dad secretly submitted one of her poems to the Daily News and it was published.  Seeing her name in print inspired her to continue on her writing journey.  In high school she was known by her classmates for having juicy stories in her composition books.  Miasha wrote her first novel, Secret Society, straight out of college.  It caught the attention of urban literary giant Teri Woods, who wanted to buy it outright and sign Miasha Coleman to a 5 book deal.  Miasha sought out advice and was introduced to Liza Dawson, who became Miasha’s agent.  facilitating her historic book deal with Simon and SchusterMiasha became a force in the book industry, having book release parties hosted by celebrities like Kevin Hart and thousands in attendance.  Miasha decided to transform her book Secret Society into a film.  Like the book, the film had her fans screaming for more.  Fans cannot get enough of Masha’s gift of writing and now she is set to release the sequel. Secret Society 2: Never Enough featuring Vivica A Fox, Jeremy Meeks, Blac Chyna, Trina, Bobby Lytes, Reyna Love and more! Secret Society 2: Never Enough will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 29. 

About Secret Society 2: Never Enough.  From gold digger to being thrown under, Celess (Reyna Love) is making her rounds to prove her loyalty to the game with new-found bestie Si Si (Adejah Parrish). It’s not a matter of if your past will catch up to you, it’s when! This film series is quickly developing a cult following.  Most of us are waiting for some of Miasha’s other books to become film and television projects as well.  In our interview, Miasha Coleman revealed which 2 books may soon be released as film and television projects.  Miasha’s stories are filled with real life appeal and messages we can all connect to.  Transforming her books to film will definitely have you getting your popcorn ready.  Don’t miss out on the sequel Secret Society 2: Never Enough being released Friday July 29th on Amazon Prime.  Welcome our New KeyPlayer Miasha Coleman.  You can connect with her on IG @miashaofficial PUSH PLAY

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