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Our Friend


By Nigeria Anderson

Friendship Is A Choice

The Bible says A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.  In this wonderful film Our Friend, about love, life and friendship, humanity is found.  In our world of so much unrest, family is still the cornerstone for strength. On January 21st, I attended a Q&A hosted by Branden Harvey with Casey Affleck and Matthew Teague.  In the interview below are the questions he posed.  One of the questions asked; We’re living in a pandemic and many have experienced loss this year.  Why is Our Friend the type of film we should all watch? If I had to answer, surely I would have reflected on the necessary need for all of us to stay connected and to love each other. The times and days are evil, just watch the news.  Our Friend is a film about a caring man who puts his own life on hold to help out his friends, a couple facing a devastating crisis.  Like that old rap song said, Friends, how many of us have them? Ones we can depend on, Friends. By Whodini.

Our Friend tells the inspiring and extraordinary true story of the Teague family from journalist Matthew Teague (Casey Affleck), his vibrant wife Nicole Teague (Dakota Johnson) and their two young daughters and how their lives are upended by Nicole’s heartbreaking diagnosis of terminal cancer. As Matt’s responsibilities as caretaker and parent become increasingly overwhelming, the couple’s best friend Dane Faucheux (Jason Segel) offers to come and help out.  As Dane puts his life on hold to stay with his friends, the impact of this life altering decision proves greater and more profound than anyone could have imagined.  This film will touch you in many ways.  For me it reminded me of my good friends who were with me as I had to watch my mom die.  When my 2 good friends were there when I had to bury my 14 year old nephew and when many came out to give me support and prayers after being trapped in a fire and placed in an induced coma.  Anyone who knows me knows FRIENDSHIP is everything to me.  I was able to relate to Dane while watching this film. The hard truth is what I enjoyed most.  There were no shortcuts on emotion and the challenge that comes with being a caretaker. I believe we all need to watch this film to put back into perspective what is really important.  So well done Our Friend for a reminder and teachable moment.  Listen to the Q&A and get the behind the scene look into why this film was made.  Thank you Branden for the invite. PUSH PLAY 

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