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By Nigeria Anderson

New Music By Terrae

Terrae singer-songwriter was introduced to music at an early age. Influenced by her mother, Jazz singer and songwriter Ishma Durah.  Reigning from Chicago Terrae veered away from Jazz and was bitten by disco and house music bug.  Going to clubs in the era of Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Trent, Leroy Burgess, Tony Sundance Evans and Mike Kirby. House music became the sound she enjoyed most.  Presently under S. Walker, Choice Kutz Label, Terrae is reinventing herself and sound with talented producer Who Is Brian Tech and other well known track masters.  Terrae has returned from a small hiatus after morning the passing of her mom.  Producing songs like Take Me, Without U and Da Way I Feel.  You can find her music on streaming platforms such as Traxsource, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Terrae is able to turn her challenges, joys and inspirations into a musical muse.  With her vast musical background jazz, disco, house and gospel she pushes the envelope of music with her unique voice and style.  Terrae’s music is geared to make you dance, sing or just listen.  She will be returning to her jazz roots on a project dedicated to her mother. Giving us an opportunity to hear a more sultry side of Terrae’s vocals.  The project is scheduled to be released on January 23rd. 2021.  I know this will be another pillar in Terrae’s music career.  We believe this is a KeyPlayer you need to keep your ear to.  I’m glad to have singer-songwriter Terrae bringing the house down with her new house music release Take Me & Without U.  Find out more about Terrae in our interview and how she almost gave up but decided to make music again.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Terrae.  You can connect with her on social media on facebook @TerraeMusic. Push Play

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