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Vincent Bohanan


By Nigeria Anderson

Vincent Bohanan & SOV

Gospel recording artist Vincent Bohanan is New York’s own choir master, pastor and songwriter. He is a prodigy of a unique sound in gospel music.  When a choir is orchestrated correctly, their sound will make you shout or cry.  In the finish you should be encouraged, by the four-part-harmony. Vincent Bohanan & SOV have performed from state to stare prior to a recording contract picking up followers on their journey. (visit youtube)  January 2021 the choir will celebrate a 7 year anniversary.  Vincent Bohanan and Sounds of Victory will have a lot to celebrate this time. They are now signed and charting on billboard digital charts, with a new single Any Day Now.  We need a song like Any Day Now to remind ourselves that God will and can show up regarding this pandemic situation. Vincent Bohanan is a living testimony, if you wait on the Lord He will show up

Vincent Bohanan has graced us with so many songs over the years, we look forward to what 2021 will bring.  Vincent Bohanan is on the road of delivering a sound we will sing for years to come.  I believe SOV will bring us a wave of successful musical blessings.  Vincent Bohanan & SOV longevity and ability to stay together has now reap a reward.  Listen to Vincent share his journey, his career in gospel music and how he ended up being a pastor.  Any Day Now, is just the beginning.  Find out what song we both enjoy  and how you can support Vincent Bohanan & SOV.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Vincent Bohanan. You can connect with him on Instagram @vincentb_soundofvictory. PUSH PLAY


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