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Robert Harper


By Nigeria Anderson

The Bomb

Robert Harper is a bassist, recording artist, composer and songwriter who has just released a new single titled “Tha Bomb” that is now available on all major digital outlets.  “Tha Bomb” was released just in time for the fourth of July celebration and the reopening of many cities from the shutdown of the COVID PandemicTha Bomb has a horn section that is serious and Robert shares his solid bass grooves & rap/vocals on this funky track.  Earlier this year of 2021 he released The Fonk Record which is a tribute to legendary pioneers of funk, with a song dedicated to the late Wayman Tisdale titled Mr. Tisdale, which is available as well.  Robert Harper began his interest in music at the tender age of thirteen.  Inspired by Bootsy Collins, Robert Harper has developed his own sound by using a variety of special effect pedals to create various tones which add to his bass groove.  You can view Robert Harper’s passion for funk music by subscribing to his YouTube Channel @robertharperbass  *The bass community is deep-rooted. Many have enjoyed their rhythms on the dance floor.  There are many bass lines we remember and enjoy from some of our favorite recording artists.  Robert Harper’s passion for funk has resurrected what many of us over 40 miss in music today. You can listen to his earlier recordings such as;  Ride With Me and The Fonk Record at: https://robertharper.bandcamp.com/ 

His album “The Fonk Record” and single “Tha Bomb”  are currently charting on various radio stations in the US and abroad creating a buzz.  As an independent recording artist, having weekly radio rotation is a great accomplishment.  Robert Harper’s longevity in the music business has prepared him for such a time as this.  He understands what is required to get his music on the market.  As an independent artist, he has had a crash course on what works and what doesn’t work.  His hard work and consistency has earned him many endorsements from various music equipment manufacturers.  Robert Harper has secured his place as a much sought after bass player.  The Bomb will please your ears with bass lines and grooves, and a mean horn section.  A new video will be released in October for his single “Tha Bomb” with a host of surprise guests.  Make sure you look out for it. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Robert Harper.  Tune in and learn about trailblazers and unsung bassists. We reminisced over some bass grooves by Taste of Honey, Jones Girls and O’Jays, if you can remember. Connect with Robert Harper through his website at: https://www.RobertHarperBass.com PUSH PLAY

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