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Sherneice Gatewood


By Nigeria Anderson 


Ms. Sherneice Gatewood is the CEO of We Are Phenomenal Women (W.A.P.W) which launched in 2015.  Ms. Sherneice Gatewood earned her Bachelor in Human Services, from Touro College. She is Oasas certified in Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence. W.A.P.W is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to advocating for all abused persons of Domestic Violence. W.A.P.W is a group of diverse women who are survivors of Domestic Violence. Now advocates who share their stories of coping skills and victories of overcoming their abuser(s). W.A.P.W free groups are held in a safe space environment of healing, trust and love.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Sherneice Gatewood on the success of W.A.P.W organization. Ms. Sherneice Gatewood commits to serving her community.  Her victory came when she began to speak out about her abuse.  For years she suffered in silence and isolation, while raising a child. Today she returns the favor by creating safe spaces for women to discuss their issues in a group format and connect those in need with appropriate recommendations.  W.A.P.W provides emotional support and help with the recovery process once freed from an abuser(s). You can visit  W.A.P.W website for more information on how to join the groups and learn how you may help, donate or volunteer at www.wearephenomenalwomen.comWelcome our new Keyplayer Ms. Sherneice Gatewood. Push Play

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