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Deborah Simpkins


By Nigeria Anderson

Deborah Simpkins My Latter Is Better

It’s hard sometimes to see the Lord in your midst when things are going well but He becomes very recognizable when the enemy comes in like a flood. Especially, when you know Him. Deborah Simpkins is a powerful motivational speaker, minister, entrepreneurial and author/publisher.  I was super excited to interview Mrs. Simpkins regarding her new book Ministers with White Collars & Black Secrets: The Truth Exposed. Although, I did not read the book prior to this interview.  Based on the title, the principle remains the same.  One which comes to mind, you will reap what you sow.  I am glad to hear Mrs. Simpkins account regarding her church hurt experience.   An experience many try to keep silent about.  In order for us to heal, sometimes you have to talk about it. Amen.  I believe this interview will help everyone who listens.

Deborah Simpkins amazing testimony is one we can all learn from. Her transparency is a true sign to the Lord, I surrender. There is one serious message I hope each listener receive from this awesome interview.  We may fall but the cross says we can get back up.   Deborah Simpkins  says;  A relationship with God is not about playing games for your own gain, but a true commitment that involves perseverance and dedication. If you seek Him with your whole heart and mind, He promises to give you the desires of your heart. Get beyond the religious rules and church issues and in line with God and His Word and He will open doors – and maybe even answer some mysteries as He has done many times in my life. Check out the truth behind her new book Ministers with White Collars & Black Secrets: The Truth Exposed.  

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