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Bishop George Davis


By Nigeria Anderson

Bishop George Davis New Cd Captured By Your Love

Bishop George Davis a teacher, worshiper, songwriter, influential leader and pastor of Impact Church in Jacksonville, Florida has released his new CD Captured by Your Love . Throughout this album, listeners will hear shades of Bishop Davis’s personal story.  One of UBM’s favorites off the Cd is For the Rest of My Days.  However, you will enjoy the entire Cd with special features of Key Players like Gail Holmes and Uncle Reece.  We are extremely honored to always take part in celebrating the anointed and gifted in the five fold ministry. I had the awesome pleasure of speaking with Bishop George Davis regarding music, ministry and encouraging others through various gifts given to us which work within us.  I would like you to listen to this great interview as we touch on various issues regarding prosperity and purpose.

One key issue we address during our interview is the negative mentality some believes have. We know that In Christ all things are possible.  Bishop George Davis explains how to stay connected with Christ to move forward in your purpose.  Bishop George Davis also, shares how he sort the Lord for His completion of his CD Captured by Your Love.  There are great nuggets for those in leadership who desire to press toward their call.  We all are called to complete a task, that will be purposeful for the growth of the Kingdom of God. Tune in and be encouraged.  (click the link)




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