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By Nigeria Anderson

Cassandra Lucas Returns Charting On Billboard With Name On It

Cassandra Lucas singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist, formerly of Changing Faces released her new independent project Name On It.  Name on It places Cassandra Lucas back on Billboard Charts, which speaks volumes. There is no doubt her talent, skills and abilities as an artist and songwriter, is able to stand the test of time. Cassandra Lucas is establishing herself well in our new millennium music arena of all things digital.  She is bringing back that R&B music we are missing.  Cassandra’s independent project demonstrates her diversity as a songwriter and artist.  She expresses the joys and difficulties returning to music but love and passion beats it all.

There is nothing like speaking with a Keyplayer who is experienced in entertainment. We took a nice journey from then to now. Cassandra Lucas speaks on being signed and obstacles she faced, touring, relationship with S.W.V, reinventing herself on social media and the commercial hits with Joe and R., Kelly.  One thing has not changed, Cassandra Lucas continues to produce good music.

Please welcome our new Keyplayer Cassandra Lucas, our interview is very informative and enlightening. You can follow her on her social media handles @CassandraofCF or visit her website http://www.cassandramusicworld.com. Enjoy and discover how to be a generational recording artist.


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