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By Nigeria Anderson


Javon Inman singer and songwriter, released his latest single Thank You, now available on digital outlets. Javon Inman is not new to our music scene, his previous album Heart of a Worshiper earned him 13 music awards. With his success, Javon launched his label titled Liberty Music LLC with his wife.  Before starting his label, he sung background for a few prominent recording artist and produced several independent projects.  He is a prolific composer whose diverse sound has no end.  Javon Inman is a name you will continue to hear. His music is a true representation of his heart and you will hear it when you listen to his single Thank You.  Thank You beat is underlined with Javon’s production groove, at the helm of his message of victory and gratitude.

I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Javon Inman and wow.  What a testimony of diligence and dedication to edify listeners through song.  Javon’s single Thank You celebrates walking through measures of deliverance.  That made me shout, while for some deliverance might be immediate and for others there are measures.  Shew!  This interview right here has so many nuggets, I know this song will blessed you.  If you are an independent label owner or an artist tune in Javon will teach you how to endure. Also, here what Javon Inman learned from Babyface Edmonds.  Help welcome our new KeyPlayerJavon Inman, visit him at javoninman.com or @JavonInman; let’s continue to support our Keyplayers  PRESS PLAY



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