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Yousuf Ali White


By Nigeria Anderson

New Documentary American Immigrants

American Immigrants an uncut truth about the homeless experience in New York City and MiamiAmerican Immigrants is directed and written by Ken Miles. I spoke with Yousuf Ali White who survived being homeless in the New York area.  Yousuf is passionate about helping others who may find themselves in a similar situation.  He is featured in the documentary and shares his journey.  The realities of homelessness are spreading across our nation.  There are a few differences in how each city addresses its homeless situation.  However, no one wants to become homeless.  Not to give away too much about the documentary, Yousuf shared with me his process of being displaced.  The documentary has been entered into the Newark International Film Festival, and we hope the documentary will shine a fresh light on the homeless situation.  The American Immigrants documentary will be available on most digital outlets.


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