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Marishka Phillips


By Nigeria Anderson

Marishka Phillips Theatrical Presents Pandora’s Box

Entertainment has many facets which lead up to someone being great. What we see on big screens and hear over the airwaves are the results of a finished product.  Marishka Phillips is a native New Yorker, Brooklyn born. She started performing at the age of 8 and is very familiar regarding what it takes to be your best on stage.   Marishka Phillips has toured and performed on stages around the world. Today she is the most sort after vocal and acting coach here in NYC.  Her client list and tours are extensive and speak for itself. Marishka Phillips owns her own company titled Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory. Her most recent project Pandora’s Box Return includes her former student R&B Singer-Songwriter Monifah returning on April 27th.  It’s a night designed to entertain and network.


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