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By Nigeria Anderson


Whitney Davis a former executive of CBS released an open letter to share her experience while working at CBS. Whitney Davis also, spoke with us about her truth. I found out Whitney Davis is part of work hard, do good and get a good job and that she did.  What happens when you get the good job and there is a difference between the moral behavior, ethics and integrity represented in the employee handbook? I have been there. In our conversation we acknowledge for the most part most minorities in corporate america have experienced some sort of inappropriate conduct at work. Whitney Davis chose to speak out to create real change. The change to match the employee handbook which has how you are supposed to conduct yourself at the workplace.

Whitney Davis said; it’s not enough to open doors to diverse, talented candidates. We need to be respected, promoted and compensated on the same level as our white peers.  History of Corporate America’s upper management have for the most part been predominantly white. If this was not true these two words would not be a cause diversity and inclusion. What Whitney Davis expressed in her letter is not unique or new.  If that was false OSHA’s whistleblower statutes would not be in place. So let’s look at the elephant in the room and call a spade a spade. In our world where everyone is watching your every move for good or bad.  How will CBS and other large Corporations embrace real diversity and inclusion?  

Diversity and inclusion is not a African-American and Caucasian issue.  It’s a LGBT, minority, religion or a person with a disability issue, says Davis. The traditional structure of corporate america is outdated and need adjustments concerning discrimination, gender bias and inappropriate behavior. Whitney Davis and I had a great conversation on this matter.  Hear her truth and listen to her heart during our interview. I honestly, believe she did the right thing. Davis is not the only one who has ever written an open letter about problems at work.  I personally know a few women and men of various ethnic backgrounds who have written letters out of frustration and resigned. However, I do know that when one door closes, that next door is often exactly what you were waiting for.  Although, Whitney Davis is adjusting to new normal and trolls, as a media outlet we support her. I am sure her next door will be an exact fit for her talent, skills and abilities. Since there were no complaints about her performing her duties at CBS. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Whitney Davis. Push Play




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