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Andrea McClurkin-Mellini


By Nigeria Anderson

Andrea McClurkin-Mellini New Cd Higher

Andrea McClurkin-Mellini currently released her solo CD debut titled Higher, which demonstrates the gift of music which God has deposited in her. Yes! the name is familiar. Andrea McClurkin-Mellini is the sister of Pastor Donnie McClurkin. However, God has pushed her out of the background and into the forefront. She is no stranger to music.  Andrea McClurkin-Mellini wrote the award-winning title song, We Praise You from their family Cd titled, The McClurkin Project.  So, it evident that little sister who is married and answering the call to sing can sing. When you listen to Higher you can rest assure Andrea Mellini can hold her own.

I had a wonderful opportunity of speaking with Andrea Mellini at her Cd release party. She is warm, transparent and focused. This is what she had to say about her new solo project venture.

Nigeria: God Bless you. Today is a big day.  We are here at your Cd release party. You are branching out on your own. How do you feel?

Andrea: I feel great. When you are on the right track no matter what track it is, there will be little annoyance, nuisance, stumbling blocks and pebbles. And today I had a million of them.(laughter) So, right now I feel right, settled and at peace. So I am good.

Nigeria: Actually, when you are in the will of God and doing what He has called you to do the adversary is going to show up, trying to distract you. He comes in a disguise and especially in entertainment. In an attempt to destroy your hope and faith and get you discouraged from doing what you need to do but you made it. So, give us a little background on who is Andrea McClurkin-Mellini?

Andrea: I was born into a musical family. Pastor Donnie McClurkin is my brother and our mother had a girl group at her church. When we were kids my mom taught us how to double clap, harmony and she brought a piano and Donnie taught himself how to play. We would learn the commercials and sing and make up stuff. All through our childhood we had music.

Nigeria: How did you become inspired to branch out on your own with your new project?

Andrea: Sheww! To make a long story short. I lived in California for a number of years. One day I was lying in my bed and I was between awake and sleep. I saw myself standing on a stage. It was like I was sitting in the balcony in a dark theater and I could look down and see myself standing on stage. Everything was black around me and I was in a spotlight by myself.  This was far before I had any idea to do anything by myself. But between that vision and the manifestation of where I am today, came many trials. I had to be poured into and ministered too. I was very inferior, I didn’t have a healthy vision of myself and so I had to be healed and built up. I had to be poured into, taught and tutored by Pastor Donnie and others in the faith by God’s Word.

Nigeria: That is it right there to be humbled enough to know that just because you can sing doesn’t mean just get up there but be built up and as you said poured into. I mean who does that now and days with all the digital mastery. (laughter)

Andrea: Yes! I wasn’t just like woo woo woo.

Nigeria: Amen Sis that is such valuable information you just shared. You weren’t like I’m a McClurkin I can sang. I know you just helped someone with that testimony right there. I thank God for you sharing the importance of allowing someone to pour into you.

Andrea: You do. I am going to tell you the gospel music industry (pause) praise the Lord for gospel music but it’s a lot of ugly out there. I mean we are all flawed but there is a lot of ugly out there and if you are not prayed up and do not have a humble spirit, accountability one with another and think you can just go out there running around and doing foolishness. You are going to fall, stumble and make a mess. If you are accountable and willing to check yourself at all times and have people around which iron sharpens iron. To let me know if i’m acting crazy or doing something stupid. I need you need to correct me. I may be made with you for a minute but when I go and sit by myself and talk with the Lord. He is going to confirm you were dumb.

Nigeria: Teach that Word. (laughter) That is real talk right there.

Andrea: Yes! You have to spend time with the Lord and be tutored to be lead the right way.

Nigeria: Amen. Now that you went through your training. I love that word training, the bible says, Abraham got his trained servants. I just want to confirm being in the business over 14 years, that the gospel community does get ugly. Yes! the gospel arena can get a little ugly. Then I remembered we have an adversary and like you said if you are not built up, covered or being poured into for righteousness sake you will get devoured. You need Wisdom and forbearance to be in this court of entertainment. I am glad you took the time to decrease so you can increase.

Andrea: Oh! yeah! It keeps you praying.

Nigeria: (laughter) You better be prayed up. You cannot just come out here and think you are going to glorify the Lord without a fight.

Andrea: Yes! Satan is like Oh! you think you’re going to come out here and sing for the Lord. Oh! you’re going to minister and want your ministry to be effective. Oh! you wanna save souls and encourage young people. Oh! okay here is something for you. Satan is going to throw stuff in your path that will trip you up. So, we have to be mindful.

Nigeria: Amen. I know you know what you are talking about. You not only sing for the Lord but serve. To get here with the new project Higher was and is purposeful. I know you have to go but what record label are you signed to?

Andrea: I am signed to Pastor Donnie’s label Candom Music.

Nigeria: I am so excited to hear that. I was just sharing with a friend how I don’t see gospel artist training up others, letting them open for them, like the Hip-Hop community did and maybe I just didn’t get the memo. I would love to share more stories like what you and your brother are doing this is great news. Is it hard working with family?

Andrea: What? Yes! But we have worked together for so many years we know each other.  So when he’s quiet, I’m quiet, if he giggles then I’ll giggle you know.(laughter)  I know the cues very well.

Nigeria: I gotcha, I love it.  What is one of your favorite songs off the new Cd Higher?

Andrea: It would have to be He Is Good. My sister passed away from breast cancer in 2008. My mom passed last January and my dad this past November. So, I was writing the song He Is Good when my sister was sick. The lyrics said even if I lose a love one but after she passed, I had to change the lyrics to even when I have lost a love one. The chorus came when my mom got sick and so the song is very significant to me. No matter what you go through and how much your heart is in anguish or how much pain you go through. God Is Still Good and His Mercies Endure Forever.

Nigeria: Yes He Is. Yes He Is. I see why you titled the Cd Higher.

Andrea: Anyone who has a relationship with the Lord, one on one for real and in love with Him is going to talk about it. Like any relationship you are going to want to talk about your love. I love the Lord He has done so much for me and saved me from stupid stuff. My own crazy stuff. So when I sit and write a song.  I want to encourage people in the Lord. I want people who listen to my Cd to know that no matter what you are going through. Your hope is in Christ the message is Jesus and the answer is Jesus. Whatever you are looking for the answer is Christ and nobody or nothing else. Amen.

Nigeria: Amen. I thank you so much for being a Key Player and sharing gems on how to maintain and stay rooted in the things of God powerful.

Andrea: Amen Thank you for having me.

Welcome our new Key Player Andrea McClurkin-Mellini you can purchase Higher on all digital music outlets.




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