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Travis Higgins


By Nigeria Anderson

Soul Session Vol. 1

Travis Higgins is a musician, recording artist and songwriter. He is no stranger to soul and inspirational music.  Born the son of a pastor, Higgins grew up in his father’s church. The drums were his first introduction to musicianship. Later, he transitioned to piano and organ. When he got hit with the music bug it was not gospel music.  He enjoyed hip-hop and secular music and even played for a few well-known artists.  Travis Higgins credits his mother for training his musical ear by listening to gospel greats like Walter Hawkins, the Winans, Rance Allen, and other soulful gospel recordings. Her secular playlist included sounds of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5 to name a few. Travis Higgins was unknowingly becoming a student of soul music.  Which can be heard on his debut project Soul Session Vol. 1.  Soul Session Vol.1 is a breath of fresh air for those missing good soul music. 

Travis Higgins project Soul Sessions Vol. 1 was created to edify while listening.  Songs like One In A Million is a creative journey of an old love, and many will relate to it.  Soul Sessions Vol. 1 speaks to the universal audience and is derived from personal convictions, perspectives on love, relationships and a lifestyle of loving God. What you will hear from Travis today, is a manifestation of influence, experience and his faith.  His new project should win best traditional R&B performance.  Soul Sessions Vol. 1 is just in time for that warm weather walk, chill or cleaning up on Saturday morning.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Travis Higgins.  You are going to enjoy this interview on so many levels so get ready for  some flavor in your ear.  You can connect with him on IG @TravismHiggins. Push Play.


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