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Mel Love


By Nigeria Anderson


Mel Love CEO of Link2Link Entertainment, a creator extraordinaire, recording artist, producer, concert promoter and performer.  Link2Link Entertainment is responsible for many careers. The company has a complete package for artists breaking into the music business. Mel Love is a veteran himself with a lineage going back to Bad Boy and the boom of Black Music departments within major record labels.  Mel is giving back to the new generation of artists, helping them not to make the same mistakes many have made before.  Mel Love knows what it takes being successful in the music business. His longevity is his track record.  Mel Love Link2Link moto is; The Movement You Wanna Move With.  Currently on his BlazeFest OK 21 tour, they are moving.  Link2Link’s next show is April 17th in Oklahoma with Spice 1, Marveless, D. Brooks and Mel Love.  The song Bless The Child featuring D. Brooks and Mel Love has over 100K streams on Spotify.  You can buy their song on all major digital outlets. 

Let’s face it hip-hop music is not going anywhere. I am thankful for Link2Link Entertainment preserving the quality of good hip-hop. Thank you Mel Love for all your hard work you put into keeping good music available for those who have an ear to hear. If you are unfamiliar with Link2Link Entertainment The Movement You Wanna Move With. Visit their website www.Link2LinkEnt.com.  There you will find a plethora of information to help you reach your goal as a recording artist(s).  There is nothing like personal experience and Mel Love brings his to the table.  In our interview he drops gems about the music industry.  If you want to learn how to keep up longevity in the music business, pull up a seat.  I bet you didn’t know he had a relationship with Biggie Smalls and the Bad Boy camp.  He tells us all about it in this interview. Welcome our KeyPlayer CEO Mel Love of Link2Link Entertainment.  Find out how to give your music or get tracks from Link2Link Entertainment.  They are looking for original and authentic artists.   So, if you are looking for a way to promote and really get your music out there.  This might be what you were looking for.  Push Play. 

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