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The Agape Music Group


By Nigeria Anderson

Love Is Loud

John and Sequoya Howard are a husband and wife Urban Christian duo residing in Atlanta, GA.  The 2x Award Winning duo have released their single Close To You.  Close To You, was birthed from a place of gratefulness. The lyrics are a prayer desiring to be closer to God and aware of His presence. The couple’s goal is to create music that expresses their love for God and introduce Him to listeners around the world. John is a producer and Sequoya is a writer and vocalist.  Together they are creating great Christian music.  They are using their creative gifts in music, fashion and collaborations to represent diversity in Christianity.  Which I absolutely enjoy.  As Sequoya mentioned in our interview, you cannot put our great God in a box. The Agape Music Group will use their platform to spread the heartfelt message of God’s Love. When you listen to Close To You, you will hear it for yourself. 

Close To You is a clarion call to listeners everywhere.  During this time of chaos and uncertainty.  There is one who can get you through it all and His name is Jesus.  If you’re reading this post, you have already won the battle. John and Sequoya Howard convey their music with a motto.  Whether it’s a track with 808’s, organ keys, gorgeous string lines or an edgy synthesizer.  It is all designed to create an atmosphere of praise and to touch the heart of God’s people.  Join our conversation about the growth of Urban Christian music and stepping out of the box of what Christian Music should sound like. There are so many gospel recording artists making melodies to the Lord on beats that make your head bounce.  So you might want to add The Agape Music Group to your playlist.  Welcome our KeyPlayers John and Sequoya Howard of The Agape Music Group. This is a conversation of love and transparency.  Make sure you pick up Close To You on digital platforms and you can connect with The Agape Music Group on their website at www.theagapemusicgroup.com. Push Play 



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