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The Blairs


By Nigeria Anderson

Make Me Careful

The Blairs are a dynamic gospel duo, who independently and collectively write, sing and produce their own music. Pastor Darrell and Lady LaToyja Blair are anointed ministers of the gospel who are devoted to God, their marriage and children.  As renowned vocalists and lyricists, The Blairs have shared the stage with countless well-known gospel recording artists and legends.  Branching off from the legendary Kirk Franklin and The Family, as lead vocalist, on the Whatcha’ Lookin 4 platinum album.  The Blairs have moved on to promote their own unique sound. Releasing their own independent project titled Make Me Careful. Currently, working on an EP, they have re-released Make Me Careful as a duet. The debut single is climbing the gospel charts and has become a fan favorite.

There is no mistaking The Blairs commitment to their calling and relationship with Christ Jesus. Often reported by those who enjoy their ministry. “You cannot deny the anointing as you listen to this man and woman of God.” I would like to chime in. When I first heard Make Me Careful, I immediately had to find out who wrote the song and how this song came about. The Blairs have been in ministry over decades, performing and singing backgrounds for others.  Today, The Blairs are in a very comfortable place doing music which ministers to the hearer.  Music and ministry are their signature and they do it well.  Make Me Careful demonstrates the duo’s powerhouse vocals and gift of song.  During our interview, they spoke candidly about business and ministry.  The possible reunion tour with The Family and what’s next. Welcome our new KeyPlayers Pastor Darrell and Lady LaTonja Blair a.k.a The Blairs. You can connect with them on social media @darrell_latonjablair PUSH PLAY

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