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Angelo & Veronica


By Nigeria Anderson

Angelo & Veronica The Same God

Angelo and Veronica Petrucci the gospel husband and wife duo continue to bring you encouragement through songs. They are songwriters, a production team and ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their latest project titled The Same God is a new addition to an extensive catalog of songs reaching back to 1992.  Angelo and Veronica have contributed their talents to books, movies and events around the world.  Winners of several Dove awards, both received honorary doctorates and launched their non-denominational church online, Higher Place Church.  It is important for us to be reminded that we serve a God who never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. After three decades of songwriting and producing Angelo and Veronica launched an online vocal Masters Class, Master Your Voice. With their intense resume, it is without question that a vocal class would be worth your time, if you plan to sing professionally. 

Angelo and Veronica’s music is timeless. My absolute favorite is To Know You. They never fail to produce music that will minister to your heart and soul.  The Same God, is a sound we need to hear and be reminded of.  During this season of COVID, we need this song in our spirit, knowing He is The Same GodWelcome our Keyplayers Angelo and Veronica.  I can’t wait until you hear Veronica’s testimony, why she wrote The Same God.  Angelo was right there by her side when it came together after a very scary moment.  Listen to our interview and be blessed. To reach Angelo and Veronica visit their website to learn more about the duo and how to attend their online church services.  Make sure you visit their website to enjoy online specials and discounts. Finally, make sure you buy The Same God. To connect go their website to keep up and visit their social media http://angeloandveronica.comPUSH PLAY 


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