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Crutchfield Jones


By Nigeria Anderson

Success and Matrimony

Mrs. Shireen and Ricky Jones, known as Crutchfield Jones, is a perfectly imperfect union juggling marriage, music, and careers, while being full time parents.  It’s a musical marriage with equal billing, both separate and together, in their careers.  Shireen and Ricky met 30 years ago at Motown Records in Hollywood, CaliforniaShireen was the lead singer of the 90’s chart-topping group, The Good Girls, and Ricky, the lead singer of the popular harmonic group Yours Truly.  Sharing the same manager, they frequented the same events, but it wasn’t until leaving Motown that they started a friendship. Their careers took them in different directions.  Shireen began modeling and acting heavily, working with notable figures like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Taraji P. Henson and Will Smith Ricky released two solo albums, one on Universal Records, and the other, as an independent project.  He too worked with notable industry greats like Lionel Ritichie, Babyface and Aaron Neville.  Together, Crutchfield Jones are preparing to traveled and promote their music. 

Just like a true love story, Mrs. Shireen and Ricky reunited.  Their love of music reconnected them 20 years later, both divorced, both with new stories and songs in their hearts. They quickly fell in love and married, creating a big, beautiful, blended family.  They are now recording music together as Crutchfield Jones.  They released their first single titled Cloudy January 2023 from their EP, The Crutchfield Jones Project.  The project is filled with songs you can sing with, grooves you can move to and a sound that places love in the air.  Their debut EP, The Crutchfield Jones Project, is available on all digital platforms. Welcome our new KeyPlayers Crutchfield Jones.  If you are married and in the entertainment industry, trust me, you do not want to miss this interview.  It is possible to coexist in the business you enjoy.  The duo’s early efforts yielded a preparation for them to do just that.  You can connect with them on IG @crutchfield_jones Push Play

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