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Jeverson Ramirez


By Nigeria Anderson

Pray For Your Son Debut

Jeverson Ramirez is from the wonderful island of Grenada.  He is forging ahead making his gospel debut single Pray For Your Son an anthem for the nations. The song Pray For Your Son is receiving positive recognition.  Jeverson joined Grenada’s Presentation Brothers College Choir to remix his song.  The song was birthed from an outcry from George Floyd’s murder. In the midst of a pandemic and constant abuse of black men being abused and killed by police officers seems to be a trend that is very disheartening. Jeverson never thought he would be a solo artist. For the most part he sang as a group member or in a choir. He tried to sing solo but he was strongly criticized for his voice not being “strong enough.”  Although many doubted his ability, God did not. He would soon become a solo artist with two hit singles, Pray For Your Son and Move. Quickly making his voice heard all over the world from Grenada. 

Jeverson Ramirez is quickly moving into his professional music career. By trusting in himself and the God voice inside. Pray For Your Son is an anthem that might help others join in praying for change around the world.  When you hear Pray For Your Son it will give you chills.  It is an emotional cry from a young black man, who can relate to the challenges of being black.  Jeverson explained to me at the same time of the George Floyd situation, Grenada had a similar situation.  His single Move is an encouraging song to help many get back on their purpose.  The pandemic slowed things down but now it’s time to move forward. Jeverson explained to me this song was Jeverson singing to himself. You are going to enjoy our interview.  If you have ever doubted yourself. Jeverson’s words will make you go out and take that leap of faith you were afraid of. Welcome our KeyPlayer Jeverson Ramirez, you can connect with him on IG at @jeversonramirez Push Play.

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