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By Nigeria Anderson


Lamone returns with an afrobeat infused flavored single, entitled, Flawed with the help of singer Simone Mone’ Lamone explains the concept of the song, Flawed, a song that speaks from the perspective of two imperfect individuals, from two separate backgrounds, who are exchanging vows in holy matrimony. The question asked is: Can you accept my flaws?  If so, then I do.  Flawed featuring Simone Mone’ is available on all digital platforms.  As the warm weather is upon us.  Let’s make sure we are not being too critical or self-sabotaging in our pursuit of love.  Lamone and I had fun sharing relationship tips.  If we understand we are not perfect and willing to work on our flaws to make love work, then let’s get started.  

Lamone is an accomplished smooth vocalist able to inhabit all genres with his unique style and grace. While developing his album, we want you to enjoy his debut single, Flawed.  As an independent artist, Lamone will release relatable music for all to enjoy.  Lamone is carrying the torch for good music with good lyrics and without limits.  His future is looking bright, and we are thankful he stopped by.  Listen to this awesome interview.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer, Lamone.  You can connect with him on IG @iamlamone PRESS PLAY

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