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Dame Drummer


By Nigeria Anderson

Master Creative

Dame Drummer, a singer-songwriter, Grammy-certified producer and award-winning filmmaker, is dedicated to nurturing culture through music and film.  Drummer’s creative gifts have reached people all over the world.  In 2013, Drummer released his debut self-produced album Breathe.  The album takes you through a journey of life, love, pain and victory.  He continued to develop his catalog with releases of self-produced full length albums entitled Loveolution (A Love Letter To Black Folks), Aye Yai Yai, featuring controversial songs like Burn It Down and Get What You Gave that provide a super melodic presentation on critical race theory.  The title song, Aye Yai Yai, is Drummer’s first song he wrote after battling deep depression that almost cost him his life.  Drummer’s first film, Black Daddy: The Movie, had sold out shows at Battery SF, Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival and Yoshi’s Oakland.  His current album Our Love, features his debut single Simply Beautiful, an Al Green classic.  The single was recorded to pay homage to Al Green for inspiring a young Dame Drummer.  Our Love features songs like Angel, Dance and Run It Up.  Let’s just say you’re in for a real musical journey. 

In 2023, Dame Drummer released his directorial debut, Black Daddy: The Movie. It is a triumphant award-winning Docu-Musical, winning over 30 awards, including Best Debut Filmmaker, Best Score and Best Documentary.  It provides an in depth look at some of the trials, triumphs and beauty of Black fatherhood in America, as well as an award-winning accompanying score and soundtrack titled Black Daddy: The Sound.  At the 65th annual Grammy Awards, Dame Drummer officially became a Grammy-Certified producer for his production work for the Grammy Award winning Oakland-based group Alphabet Rockers, who took home the award for Best Children’s AlbumDame Drummer’s music and storytelling continues to touch people all over the world.  His new single Simply Beautiful is available now.  This interview is one you must listen to.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Dame Drummer.  He has a story to tell. Find out why NPR’s Tiny Desk denied him.  You can connect with Drummer on IG @damedrummer.  PUSH PLAY 


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