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Michelle Dawes Birt


By Nigeria Anderson

Be Kind To Yourself

Michelle Dawes Birt is the founder/CEO of Real Chicks Rock, based in Atlanta, GA.  Real Chicks Rock targets women of every ethnic background.  Women who are ready to abandon toxic relationships and address their personal struggles.  Michelle’s organization is quickly growing with women who have cracked their lying mirrors.  Becoming their fabulous authentic self.  Michelle realized that she no longer had to compete with the industry images which deemed a woman beautiful.  There is nothing wrong with make-up, hair weave, heels and eyelashes.  For many of us, that is not our life.  Real Chicks Rock is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Celebrating eight years in operation.  Many can relate living in today’s society has become very challenging for women globally.  Michelle’s success in identifying her natural beauty and loving herself, launched Real Chicks Rock.  Today she is inspiring women young and old all around the world.  Real Chicks Rock is a banner for all women to know they are to be treated with the utmost respect.

Michelle Dawes Birt empathizes with women’s struggles, heartbreak and negative self-talk. Real Chicks Rock is designed to first change the lie and replace it with the truth.  Women are beautifully and wonderfully made.  No matter shape, size, hair, marital status or occupation.  What society has deemed beautiful has been detrimental to so many.  You would think this issue would be over an done with but it’s not.  The list of celebrities who face this is outrageous. Queen Latifah is fighting to change the stigma of obesity, and Adelle and Lizzo’s talents have been overshadowed by their weight to fit in.  In our interview, Michelle shares her passion for launching Real Chicks Rocks.  We need her organization to reach as many who need a reminder that they are beautiful just as they are.  She shares her personal testimony and I am sure it will encourage the hearer.  Her message is loud and clear, we are better together. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Michelle Dawes Birt.  You can connect with Michelle on her website https://www.realchicksrock.com/  PUSH PLAY


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