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Nat Robinson


By Nigeria Anderson

Making Recording Artists A First Priority

Nat Robinson CEO/President of First Priority Music relaunched the F.P.M. label. Now known as First Priority Media.  F.P.M. goals are to work hands-on through an artist development program. Create a legitimate social media footprint for each artist, while keeping them connected with their fan base. Nat Robinson is known for signing artists such as Audio Two with their anthem Top Billing, which continues to generate revenue today. Mc Lyte, their first female hip-hop artist to perform at Carnegie Hall. Eamon who had a number one hit worldwide. Nat Robinson is known for helping recording artists reach their goal.  Yes, there is success as an independent artist. So why sign with a label? Well, there are other important principles to add if you want legacy.

First Priority Media continues to network deals with their first 1988 hit Top Billing by Audio Two an example of legacy.  Many well-known artists have sampled the song (i.e. Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre and Fergie).  Hip-hop has come a long way and opened many doors. However, there are discrepancies. First Priority Media is a seasoned company looking to close the gap.  They understand artists and their need to stay creative. Nat Robinson shares how artists can make a living doing hip-hop professionally. If you’re interested being in the music business, then you might want to hear our KeyPlayer Nat Robinson. First Priority Media will release a film about their journey coming soon.  Listen to our interview and find out why metrics may be good but it doesn’t promise you a legacy. Welcome Nat Robinson, to connect with him visit his IG @FirstPriorityMusic.

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