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Ray Leonard Jr.


By Nigeria Anderson

Know Better Do Better

Ray Leonard Jr. is dedicated to helping others through his commitment to being better each day. Growing up with a celebrity dad came with a few challenges. Challenges which affected him emotionally.  Remembering what that felt like, Ray Leonard Jr. became a motivational speaker.  Although he has other business ventures, Ray likes helping others create a balance in their life.  Ray Leonard jr. created a podcast titled Know Better Do Better.  His podcast is designed to engage  in conversations to encourage and inform listeners.  Most recently, he discussed depression and suicide.  In 2020 we watched a broken system collapse and many have been frustrated dealing with anxiety of what’s next.  Ray Leonard jr.  has written a book with the same title of his podcast Know Better Do Better.  You might say it is easier said than done. However, Ray uses personal experiences to help the reader navigate through.  There is a saying experience is the best teacher.

One of Ray Leonard Jr.’s challenges growing up was to separate from his dad’s fame.  It was important to him to obtain his own identity.  In our interview Ray discussed how he made his own lane for success.  When I grew up watching boxing, it was during the days of the great Heavy Weight Champion of the world Muhammad Ali and yes Sugar Ray Leonard.  I recently watched the Tyson & Jones fight but until then I had no interest in boxing.  So I had a few questions about boxing and how it has changed from back in the day.  For example what happened to Don King?  And did the Tyson & Jones fight bring any spark back into boxing?  Ray Leonard Jr. was honest and kind.  You will hear a transparent testimony on how Ray Leonard Jr. had to regroup when Covid-19 hit and disrupted his daily activities.  You can’t be a motivational speaker if you can’t motivate yourself to get back in the swing of things.  So welcome our new KeyPlayer Mr. Ray Leonard Jr.  You can connect with him on Instagram @RayLeonardjr or visit is website RayLeonardjr.com  PUSH PLAY

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