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Rufus Johnson


By Nigeria Anderson

Reshaping His Solo Career

Rufus Johnson is a singer-songwriter, vocal arranger and producer. In a solo turn from his former group G.I. which, Rufus co-wrote two of their top 20 billboard singles; Pray and Don’t Worry and I’m Ready. Now as a standalone recording artist, Rufus Johnson has brought front and center his creative works. His solo debut Thank You, climbed the music charts and received rave reviews.  With Christmas just around the corner. Rufus Johnson released a rendition of the late great Nat King Cole’s classic, This Christmas Song. Now, I must admit, I am always concerned when a singer touches such a classic song. However, Rufus Johnson pays homage, delivers and does not disappoint. This Christmas Song, displays his vocal talents and his natural ability to sing.  Being part of the group G.I. helped Rufus to believe in himself, to step out and take his solo lead.  He is off to a great start.

With chart topping hits, Rufus Johnson is making a name for himself.  Rufus’ longevity in music and hard work is now paying off.  He genuinely has one of those amazing voices you cannot ignore.  He revealed to me why he wanted to be a singer. However, you will have to listen to our interview for that. He is thankful for his gift of song and we hope you enjoy his music as much as we do. Rufus Johnson is a Stellar-nominated singer-songwriter and we are truly blessed by his works. He’s proven to be a talented singer-songwriter. Evident when listening to Thank You and This Christmas Song. He shared with me a key lesson about becoming a solo recording artist. So if you are thinking about leaving a group.  This is an interview you don’t want to miss.  Welcome our new Key Player Rufus Johnson. You can connect with him on social media. @iamrufusjohnsonPUSH PLAY.


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