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Sam Hicks


By Nigeria Anderson


Sam Hicks is a filmmaker and entrepreneur dedicated to empowering people of color through storytelling. Formerly at Cheddar, a business news network, Sam served as a cinematographer for interviews and packages featuring CEOs of Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Delta. Through grit and determination, built over the years, Sam independently produced two films. Sam Hicks first award-winning film Outgrown is about two kids following their dreams; he secured a streaming deal with UP Faith & Family which is available now for you to stream with family and friends.

Sam Hicks has walked through the challenges of following his passion as a cinematographer, storyteller and filmmaker. Our conversation will truly inspire others to do the same. He gives his testimony, how he was able to raise funds successfully.  Sam speaks on being prepared, which landed him a deal with UP Faith and Family streaming video platform.  He explains how important it is to connect and build a team. Connecting is how he met the producer of his film Huriyyah Muhammad. Sam Hicks does not hold back on providing you with a step by step on how to get your film before an audience.  I enjoyed speaking with Sam, especially when he thought he was going to cover the film Dolomite featuring Eddie Murphy and destiny step in the way. Welcome our new KeyPlayer Sam Hicks.  You can connect with Sam at @SamShotIt on Instagram or email him at Samshotit@gmail.com he is looking for quality material. 

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