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Tiaera Pritchett


By Nigeria Anderson

Tiaera Pritchett Video Show Truth Moment

Tiaera Pritchett wears many hats. She is an Entrepreneur, the Director of Behavioral Health for a fortune 500 company, a wife, a mother of two, and a dedicated therapistTiaera Pritchett  has a heart for people and assisting them with finding solutions, to those awkward moments of feeling depressed or anxious.  Firstly, it is important for people to know they are not alone. Tiaera Pritchett’s job is to evoke change in people’s perspective regarding their view of Mental Health.  It is true if we have a toothache we will go to a dentist but most brush off their feeling of depression and anxiety as acceptable and saying I will be okay.  This matter fueled the birth of Truth Moment a weekly web series on Youtube Truthmomentvlog which discuss an array of Mental Health topics which plague many of us today and continue to go not diagnosed.

I had the great pleasure of sitting with Mrs.  Tiaera Pritchett to discuss this very important matter. I even shared my victory experience of battling Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD a shocking and very scary experience I had to face after a very traumatic event which happened.  Now being able to see how depression crept in and anxiety took over, I have been able to be mindful of triggers and enjoy my healing process. So, I encourage you to tune in to this interview and here from our expert Christian Therapist on how you can be victorious over those unwanted feelings.

Tiaera Pritchett is reminding us all it’s time to talk. Parents tune in to identify if your child has ADD or ADHD, Husband and Wife learn how to help each other rather than arguing all the time, Singles learn how to appreciate yourself and not isolate into depression and learn how to examine yourself regarding issues such as a lost loved one or unexpected event that may have you down.  Tiaera Pritchett will give you tips on how to address legitimate concerns and how you can feel confident again.  It’s time to be proactive regarding your Mental Health, Spiritual Health and Physical Health. Come meet and greet Tiaera Pritchett September 22nd 2016 RSVP Today send an email to Urbanbuzzmagazine@aol.com to save a seat.  I will be in the building September 22nd so come on and Let’s  Be Healthy! Please link up with our Key Player Tiaera Pritchett  on her social media outlets.




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