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By Nigeria Anderson


Lies author Vanessa D. Werts share lessons learned, experiences tried and the ability to overcome it all by God’s Amazing Grace. Inside her new novel Lies, you are going to witness how truth to self can make you free. Most of us understand lies are something no one teaches us to speak, most people think it’s okay to lie and many do not realize its damage can be irrevocable. Still many lie to themselves or about relationship status, which can lead to more lies. Welcome Vanessa D. Werts new book Lies. I had the pleasure of speaking with Vanessa Werts about her book.  The book is an honest look at the many ways we lie to our self and others.  Lies is designed for us to ask ourselves why? We had that hard discussion of why many of us as believers in Christ and non believers keep putting ourselves in compromising positions by seeking love in all the wrong places. The book focuses on a character that finds herself trapped in a cycle we are all too familiar with.

Note: The  conversation we had is very transparent, a no holds barred. Help welcome our new KEY PLAYER Vanessa D. Werts If you would like to discuss her book with your book club, please email urbanbuzzmagazine@aol.com and we will see if Vanessa can come out to join. Lies is available in print at Amazon, and ebook at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo… Check it out! www.VanessaWerts.com 

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