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Vince Wilburn Jr.


By Nigeria Anderson

Urban Buzz Magazine Celebrates Black Music Month With

Mr. Vince Wilburn Jr. Honoring Legendary Uncle  Mile Davis

The Art of Cool on Friday, June 7 at Napa Valley Museum.  The exhibit runs June 8 – July 28 2013 inspired by a new Miles art book called Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork, scheduled for release October 2013, forward by Quincy Jones. The book is a comprehensive collection of the musician’s artwork and a long-overdue celebration of Miles Davis visual artwork.  The exhibition will feature 35 pieces of original artwork by Miles Davis, in addition to personal effects, special events, programs and a film screening. Miles Davis has long been noted for his restless artistic aesthetic, which played into his changing the course of music five times, his continued status as a fashion icon and his globally recognized artworks. Davis US Postal stamp most successful and fastest-selling iconic stamp in recent years, with more than 23 million sold to date. His musical legacy is also firmly intact, with landmark album Kind of Blue still the best-selling jazz record of all time, in addition to being recognized with a Congressional Resolution in honor of its 50th Anniversary. I had the honor of speaking with Mr. Vince Wilburn Jr. nephew of Miles Davis regarding the event.

Vince Wilburn Jr. is a drummer and nephew of Legendary Miles Davis. Vincent Wilburn Jr. recorded and toured with his uncle Miles Davis the jazz trumpetist in the early ’80s. Vince Wilburn Jr. continues to play drums, produce and keeps his uncle’s legacy alive. Vince Wilburn Jr. and his cousins, Erin Davis and Cheryl Davis represent Miles Davis Properties, LLC continuing the undisputed talents of Mr. Miles Davis enduring by producing various events, producing films and keeping true music in the forefront without compromise. Make sure you attend The Art of Cool art exhibition between June 8th to July 28th 2013 and look out for Miles art book called Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork. Click on the link and check out what Vince Wilburn had to say about his uncle Miles Davis. Vince Wilburn Jr. is a Key Player for more information email us your comments urbanbuzzusa@aol.com.

June 7th the VIP Reception is from 5 – 8 p.m.   Napa Valley Museum is located at 55 Presidents Circle, Yountville, CA 94599. More info is below regarding the art exhibition.

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