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By Nigeria Anderson

New Single RISE UP!

Ambrosia singer, writer and vocal coach is not new to the music scene, a 30+ year veteran in Jazz, R&B, Gospel and House.  With her previous successful hits such as Believe In Me, Trust Yourself and That’s How Much I Love You, it is time again to bring people to the dance floor. Ambrosia’s new single Rise Up on Shelter Records Rise UP is an anthem to be heard in these unbalanced times. Rise Up, the statement is inspirational as her lyrics rides on a house music beat. House music remains popular to date among a large group of “let us rise and be free” music lovers across the world. Rise Up is a song of victory and unity. Ambrosia’s recent performance at Coney Island Brooklyn, NYC assembled together her fans and gained approval, while cheers rang out to celebrate her new single.

Music is a source of encouragement. How appropriate a song for Ambrosia who is winning the battle over Breast Cancer.  One of her favorite lines in the song says We Have To Stand Together and Cry Heaven Help Us All, how appropriate.  Rise Up can be purchased through Traxsource and ITunes.  Let us show our support for good music, so spread some musical  love, after you listen to Rise Up make sure you hashtag your comments #riseupambee and be sure to add an encouraging word for our sister in the fight against Breast Cancer. https://www.traxsource.com/title/847777/rise-up So welcome our Key Player Ambrosia, take a minute to listen to our interview hear this victorious woman celebrate life, victory and reward.  Just Press

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