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Pam Rea


By Nigeria Anderson

Angels With Out Wings Stage Play

Pam Rea a playwright and advocate against drug addiction, is scheduled to bring her stage play to Winston Salem NC on March 22nd 2018 titled Angels With Out Wings (AWOW).   Pam Rea is no stranger to the injustice which plagues both urban and suburban communities daily. She has worked in the criminal justice field for over 20yrs. She took part in implementing one of the first drug programs during her tenure. Angels With Out Wings  is an awareness play also performed in Spanish. It’s based on America’s longest running war against illegal drugs. Pam Rea is addressing the fight against Heroin, Synthetic Weed, K2, Chemical Laced Children Candy and Prescription Drugs, which are putting young and old people in an early grave. There have been an increase in Emergency Room Hospital visits for drug induced heart attacks and overdoses.

Drugs are a generational epidemic which will be openly addressed in Angels With Out Wings stage play.  The play will address topics that will help warn and create awareness for people to Stop Giving Up Your Personal Power and Following Into Chaos.  Pam Rea says Ask for Help.  Although, you may say this does not affect me, a drug addict roaming the streets affects everyone.  An addict strung out  is like a drunk driver on the road, an accident waiting to happen.

Pam Rea has dedicated Angels With Out Wings to the memory of Madison Bailey Marini, a 22 year old North Carolina young lady who struggled with drug addiction and lost her battle four days after Christmas 2016, in a Taco Bell restroom. There was a time when an eight year old thought a cigarette was cool. Today, an eight year old new choice smoke a cigarette or K2. Welcome our new Key Player and listen to the reports they are not sharing with you in the news.  This is an interview where I was shocked and educated on how to better help someone in need. Let us become more active in the recovery process by understanding the mixed impact it has on all of us. Make sure if you are in the NC area to attend Angels With Out Wings stage play March 22nd. If you have comments about this post please hashtag #TeamAWOW and you can post your testimony as well. Listen to Pam Rea’s Interview, it will be an eye opener. Follow Pam Rea https://www.facebook.com/Angels-With-Out-Wings-225720130448/  @PAMREA   Just Press



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