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Cegi Farmer


By Nigeria Anderson

Cegi Farmer Brings The Adventures of Deliah Daisy To You

Cegi Farmer is an example of turning lemons into lemonade.  She is a mom, entrepreneur and now an author.  She is the author of a children’s book titled The Adventures of Deliah Daisy which is available online and bookstores. Cegi Farmer has fused her love for children with her love for storytelling to create some delightful characters everyone can relate too. Deliah Daisy’s character is fun adventurous and you.  Deliah Daisy is a fictional character faced with everyday roles and references, to adapt in today’s social climate, which has altered the way a child can enjoy a day at the park. Cegi Farmer is a trailblazer for a new generation for parents and children. The Adventures of Deliah Daisy character is 8 years old. Today’s 8 year old is challenged with way more than those of yesterday. The Adventures of Deliah Daisy is set to take on regular issues such as becoming a big sister as well as comprehending death of a friend.

I am so glad that Cegi Farmer is out there speaking to children and parents promoting her book and being part of the transformation process of how we should communicate with our children in this new microwave age.  The Adventures of Deliah Daisy promote morals and provides appropriate settings as well to make her stories fun and exciting. Welcome our new Key Player Cegi Farmer.



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