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Dr. Jackie Walters


By Nigeria Anderson

Dr. Jackie Walters In Her Role of A Lifetime

Dr. Jackie Walters graduated medical school at the University of Mississippi, Dr. Walters completed her residency at Mercer University in Macon. Dr. Walters realized early that the field of OB/GYN had paid little attention to the population it was meant to serve which are women.  As a gynecologist in training, she was concerned with what she considered to be a lack of personal care and consideration for the gynecology patient. This was partially due to the fact that, until quite recently, the majority of the OB/GYNs serving women were men.

Dr. Jackie Walters is a  two-time breast cancer survivor.  Dr. Walters has placed that same personal care and consideration towards women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. She founded 50 Shades of Pink Foundation, which pays tribute to women and their family after being diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Jackie Walters is a wife, mom, Owner of CW OB/GYN & WOW Aesthetics Medical Spa in Atlanta,Ga.  Also, a cast member of Bravo’s Married to Medicine as Dr. Jackie Walters.

Recently, Dr. Jackie Walters has taking a role of a lifetime. She is the Founder of 50 Shades of Pink Foundation, advocating for breast cancer awareness. Dr. Walters understands the peaks and valleys of not only playing a part in caring for a patient but becoming a patient. Dr. Jackie Walters is very transparent regarding her healing process in our interview. In addition to being on a reality show, her real reality is no match. She takes us behind the scenes to discuss her faith, love, fight and new assignment regarding 50 Shades of Pink Foundation. The foundation will be holding a very special event August 31st. 2pm to 5pm at 1431 Old Salem Road, Conyers, GA 30013. Please if you can support this event. I ask that you make it.

We all know someone or heard of someone who has won or lost their battle to cancer. However, while we still have breath lets give to an organization we can believe in and know their work is actually helping others. We often give to a charitable organization because of commercials or celebrity attachment who never personally went through. Let’s begin to examine the organizations we are choosing to support. Let’s start as a community most affected by cancer with supporting a community whose heart and desire is to really serve. Cancer does not discriminate so the call is to all to participate in comforting one another.

Dr. Jackie Walters is a Key Player with knowledge and wisdom to share. For more information http://www.50shadesofpinkfoundation.org/about_us.html


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