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Lisa McClendon


By Nigeria Anderson

Lisa McClendon’s New Project

Lisa McClendon is a gospel nominated recording artist, songwriter, poet and mental health advocate. McClendon entered the gospel music scene in 2002 with her debut album, My Diary, Your Life.  I was introduced to McClendon’s music from her second album, Soul Music, with hits like, Hey Now, Breathe, and The Truth Is. (my absolute favorite) Her voice and vibe had me bumping that song in my car daily.  She is an anointed voice of Florida.  She grew up a preacher’s kid.  So, no matter how funky, groovy or jazzy her sound is, her lyrical roots are faith-based.  Lisa McClendon’s scriptural messages, with personal transparency, have created a next generation of loyal gospel music listeners.  Which has earned her a few Dove and Stellar nominations.  As she reprises her music career with a new EP.  She released the first single titled Perfect, now available for purchase.  Her reception was well received.  She is back on the road performing, and it’s nothing but love and positive energy.

Professionally known as a gospel recording artist and songwriter, Lisa McClendon has added mental health advocate to her resume.  In our interview, McClendon recalls why she was on a hiatus and what she  learned about herself and the music business.  Her single Perfect is doing well, and we are waiting with bated breath for the EP to drop.  Perfect reminds us that we are not alone and should have grace with ourselves when we fall short.  The EP is an independent project, so let’s rally behind it.  McClendon has taken a leap of faith on this project, to have a more substantial lead role in her music career.  Let’s celebrate Lisa McClendon during Black Music Month by purchasing her song Perfect.  You will not be disappointed.  McClendon is known for her creativity and telling her story.  Welcome our KeyPlayer Lisa McClendon. I promise you this is an interview you do not want to miss.  Stay up-to-date with Lisa McClendon on her Bandcamp page https://lisamcclendon.bandcamp.com/track/perfect-2 for updates, listening parties and group chats.  PUSH PLAY 


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