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Dr. Nycole P. Lyles Belton


By Nigeria Anderson

 New Book, Losing You Is Not An Option! Get Back Up And Fight!

Dr. Nycole Lyles Belton is a Preacher, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Doctor, Author, TV Personality, Radio Personality, Event Host, Founder/CEO of Greatness In You, Inc.  Now that we got that out of the way. I am here with Dr. Nycole Lyles Belton to share with you her new social ranking that surpasses all.  What could be better than all the wonderful titles, I just mentioned in her introduction. Well, I will give you a little hint. It is in her new book titled Losing You Is Not An Option! Get Back Up And Fight! I feel a Color Purple moment coming on All My Life I Had To Fight. Sometimes, it can really feel like that. One situation, tragedy or trail after another. It’s like you can’t get a footing on what is going on around you or to you. The onset of depression and isolation can grip you and you can feel all alone. I have good news you are not alone.  What I enjoy most about over comers is their ability to Stand and like Peter did when he saw Jesus, Walk out of the storm. For those of us who have been through, victory is now our only option.  Dr. Nycole Lyles Belton new book titled Losing You Is Not An Option! Get Back Up And Fight! will help you navigate through. I had the great pleasure of speaking with her and it will bless you.

How you respond to various situations will always make the greatest difference for the future attacks that will come. I ask that you accompany  Dr. Nycole Lyles Belton on her journey because it will give you a new hope. After reading this book, examine yourself to see how much of yourself you found by reading.  I have to say I found a piece of me here and there.  The tattered places Dr. Nycole Lyles Belton finds herself, are the places we often can lose ourselves.  Especially when betrayal and deception is starring you in the face and promise looks lost. The book has several important themes and biblical principles which makes for a good read.  Obviously, the key point is Get Back UP and Fight.  There is something to say about victory when a good battle is won. Listen to this powerful interview of victory and transparency and be inspired to Get Back in the ring and fight.





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