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By Nigeria Anderson


Over 3 decades of acting, singing and performing, Leon is just getting started. I guess you can say he is catching his 4th wind. Leon is pretty busy. Projects include; (BET) Her Only Choice, (UMC) 40 and Single, new music from Leon and The Peoples band and Make America Black Again a debut film he produced, lead role and directed. It was my honor to sit with Leon, who just keep adding to his body of work.  He gave me a great quote you can hear in our interview. He said, Anyone can become whatever they want but to have a career takes work and dedication.

Leon and the Peoples band new music is available on your digital outlets. After overcoming skeptics many are enjoying the band’s cool reggae/soul rhythms. No matter what faceless critics have to say, he is just Leon. This soul brother is making America black again. Check out our interview. I promise you what Leon shares about love, women and business will make you say hum. Help welcome our new KeyPlayer Leon. Check for him @justleon and Leonandthepeoples.net.



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