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Charles Curtis


By Nigeria Anderson

NYC Director and Playwright Charles Curtis

Urbanbuzzmag.com would like you to help us celebrate one of New York City’s own playwright figures on the rise Charles CurtisCharles Curtis is a playwright, director, actor, singer, professional voice and performance coach.  He is currently at the Davenport Theatre, 354 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036, Saturdays at 3pm promoting his new project, Strings.   Strings is a controversial play with meat to chew on, inspired by current events regarding black men.  Charles Curtis play Strings  is a view into the tumultuous life of a young African American man set to be executed.  The story line is designed to reach all to search your hearts regarding your love for one another.  Strings provokes you to delve inward and realize we are not that different.  When life shows up at your door step how will you respond.  Strings is based on a policing system in desperate need for change to protect not kill. Surprisingly, the Lawyer in this play is up for a real trial himself. I had the great opportunity to speak with Charles Curtis regarding his play Strings and hear his personal response of being a black man in America today.

The powerful conversation is below (click the link).  I guarantee you will enjoy it. Charles Curtis provides great tips for upcoming actors as well as information on how to break into the business of entertainment. Be encouraged as Charles reveal more about himself and his ambition to make his mark helping others reach their goal. We hope to see more of Charles Curtis plays, therefore we ask you go out and support Strings only $20 at the Davenport Theatre.  Charles Curtis is a real Key Player.


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