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Shania Brown


By Nigeria Anderson


Shania Brown a 14-year-old actress, model and entrepreneur will launch her new film Why Me in 2020. Written by momager Earlena Brown and Shania Brown, the film is in honor of a friend.  Shania Brown plays a teenager (Crystal) who struggles with being bipolar. The storyline is a result of Shania witnessing a classmate being bullied and made fun of.  After finding out there were pending issues, she wanted to create mental illness awareness, with emphasis on her age group. While others mocked and laughed, Shania took action by alerting her mom and reporting the matter to her principal. Making sure her friend received the help needed. Shania is not new to acting, she has been in a few productions to date. I am sure we are about to see much more of Shania Brown. (photo by Greg Moore).  

Shania Brown due to her busy schedule is now homeschooled. However, she was able to shed some light on what is lacking in our school system. She provided suggestions on how to better help our pre-teens and young adults. We are witnessing a high volume of suicides and violence among teens.  Why Me is such an important film for our time. There is great pressure on our youth and Shania reminds us of that in our interview. Shania Brown new film for 2020 Why Me, starring Hawthorne James (Big Red of The Five Heartbeats,The Color Purple, Speed and many more), Cynda Williams (Moe Betta Blues, Caught Up, The Dorothy Dandridge story and many more), Directed by writer, actor, producer and five time former gold medal kickboxing champion Robert Parham and Director of Photography Vert Wright.  

Welcome our new KeyPlayer Shania Brown and let’s support our young Film Producer, Screenwriter and Advocate.  Remember the title Why Me visit Shania Brown on facebook or https://www.shaniabrown.com/ enjoy our interview Push Play


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