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Durty Flow


By Nigeria Anderson

New Music By Durty Flow

Durty Flow is an accomplished hip-hop writer and artist.  He recently released his new EP project titled Mood Swings, featuring the single Manic Depressive now on digital outlets.  The EP takes you through emotional ebbs and flows associated with mood swings of an unbalanced mind.  Durty Flow’s single Manic Depressive brings awareness to this subject and a reminder of how important good healthcare, prescription copays and access to a private doctor are.  However, not everyone can afford good healthcare and surely not a private doctor.  During this time of COVID19,  I am super excited that Durty Flow decided to shed some light on this matter, with his new project Mood Swings. Manic Depressive is a diagnosis given to people who have mood swings.  When left untreated it can lead to bizarre behaviors.  The video Manic Depressive is graphic and to the point.  Durty Flow draws on his innate strengths and talents to depict this conflict.

I am confident that Durty Flow’s single Manic Depressive will shine a positive light of understanding on what a person might go through.  COVID19 have pushed people to make decisions, choices and even take a deeper look at their life.  With understanding it will make life challenges a little easier.  When not treated for any diagnosis, many may seek help from cannabis, CBD, prescription pills or other drugs to ease their agony and impulses. Durty Flow is an introspective artist, unafraid to explore this subject.  As part of the Mood Swings EP, Manic Depressive sets the tone for a unique listening experience.  His goal is to create music you need to hear.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Durty Flow, you can follow him @darealdurtyflow on IG.  There is so much to this gentleman you will have to listen to our interview.  Here how he went from being signed to a label, to independent owning his own label. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TERM FOR MANIC DEPRESSIVE IS BIPOLAR DISORDER. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DISORDER CHECK OUT THIS LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqPeClCAmCE


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