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Cristina Fontanelli


By Nigeria Anderson

Cristina In Italy

Cristina Fontanelli is an established actress and opera singer.  Awarded Best Actress on a film project titled Santino.  Cristina’s vocals have led her to perform on many opera stages around the world Palm Beach, Lincoln and Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, St. Louis and Hong Kong.  Every year Cristina Fontanelli produces and stars in Cristina In Italy which she has produced for over 17 years.  The show gives more than 80 children from low income homes a chance to experience performing at Carnegie Hall and other venues.  The mission includes raising funds for children’s causes through The Cristina Fontanelli FoundationCristina is currently producing a PBS-TV special of Christmas In Italy.  The show gives her a chance to return to her Italian roots in a festive way.  Due to Covid the show is under guidelines, its streaming with tickets $15 and proceeds will go to pantries and shelters this year.  For more information contact 646-481-9890, show ends January 1st, 2021 so get your tickets.

Cristina Fontanelli has shared stages and spaces with Tony Bennett, Kevin James and performed at White House events for former president Clinton and George W. Bush.  She is mentioned and has celebrated The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney book promotion.  Her success continues as she extends her filming arm to produce family friendly projects.  I am sure we can look forward to highly anticipated performances and productions by Cristina Fontanelli.  Her operatic voice is exquisite and there is not an Italian favorite Cristian Fontanelli cannot make her own.  Cristina Fontanelli path is to give back and create inspirational projects to enhance the arts.  I had the great opportunity to speak with Cristina Fontanelli.  Find out what her original career choice was.  Welcome our new KeyPlayer Cristina Fontanelli.  You can connect with her on Instagram at @CristinaFontanelli PUSH PLAY 

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